Tips to upgrade your bath lighting

Even a tiny bathroom with proper lighting can make a big impact. And luxuriously large spaces that serve as spa retreats can impart an air of rest and relaxation by incorporating layers of light that illuminate “work” areas like the vanity and shower, and cast a glow on attractive features like artwork.

The lighting in a bathroom should reflect this mood, while providing the illumination necessary for one to take care of life’s daily functions there.

Lighting the Space

For functional and visually pleasing lighting in a bathroom, work these strategies into your lighting plan:

  • Prevent vanity shadows. Remember when you were a kid and you could make a spooky face by shining a flashlight under your shin? That’s exactly the effect you do not want when applying makeup, shaving or fixing your hair at the bathroom vanity. Unfortunately, many people light the vanity space with a single light mounted above the mirror that shines down over the sink. The result: a scary face with dark shadows under your eyes, nose and chin. The best way to illuminate the vanity is to place two wall-mounted fixtures on either side of the mirror at eye level. This creates cross illumination. Platinum Lights recommends 100 watts of light per fixture in a master bath, and 40 watts per fixture in a powder room.

  • Fancy up the tub. Accent lighting, such as a mini chandelier hung over the tub, will dress up the space and offer a warm glow. It adds a lot of elegance to the aesthetic. Now who doesn’t like an elegant touch to their everyday bath?

  • Light a footpath. Different types of Indoor lighting that are available at Platinum Lights can be installed underneath base cabinets and provide soft illumination at night. Experts say that this low-level light is hidden under countertops and cabinets and allows you to navigate the bathroom in the middle of the night without making your eyes tear.

  • Jazz up a mirror. Backlight a mirror by wrapping lighting around the back side. The result is a halo effect around the mirror. It’s an easy way to light the bathroom without turning on general lighting. Keep in mind, this backlight is not a replacement for functional task lighting at the vanity.

Layers of Light

There’s no such thing as a catch-all light fixture that does it all, but some fixtures will multi-task their lighting duties. In order to choose wisely, the first step is to understand the four layers of light.

  • Task. This lighting illuminates “work spaces,” which in a bathroom space is the vanity. The best task lighting at the sink area is two fixtures that flank the mirror to provide cross illumination. With this arrangement, you’ll prevent shadowing.

  • Accent. This highlighting adds depth and dimension to the environment. Highlight plants or artwork, and give the space an illuminating glow.

  • Decorative. This is the eye candy in a bath, or also called, “architectural bling.” The purpose of decorative lighting is to add interest to a space. Examples include hanging lights, fancy lights and other interior lights according to the client’s taste.

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