How lighting helps to have positive vibe/makes your work easy


Positive energy in your workplace is the easiest way to promote success. If you don’t have an energetic and upbeat feeling while at work, chances are you won’t be very productive. Positive energy is more than just having a “glass half full” mentality, it’s also about the space around you! Modern day workers spend more time in the office, but if they’re not working smarter, they aren’t doing much for their employers. This might sound like a simple insight, but companies that understand what drives productivity get the most out of their talent and, as a result, produce better products, offer greater service and, ultimately, generate higher revenue. One of the most striking factors influencing how we work is the colour temperature of the light source we’re exposed to on a regular basis. Scientists believe that it’s in our DNA to perform better under specific lighting, and that’s why we react differently depending on our light environment. Do what you can to make your workspace a positive environment, so it keeps you motivated. When your workplace has a positive energy, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Be more productive
  • Have an overall better mood
  • Feel more awake and alert
  • Stay comfortable at your desk
  • Accomplish more tasks

Look at your workspace and think about how you can liven it up with some positive energy. You don’t want to feel burnt out at your cubicle every day, so take the necessary steps to set yourself up for success! Make the most out of the time you spend in the office by creating a fun workspace that shows off your personality. Get a small plant from a nursery or grab some extra family photos from home and start decorating your space with some gorgeous lights! Good lighting isn’t just optimal for taking selfies. Studies show that workers can be more productive and feel more satisfied with their jobs when there is adequate lighting. Imagine walking into a dark, poorly lit workspace. It won’t make you feel awake, refreshed, and ready to work! White lights are good for working, waking up, and concentrating. Platinum lights provide a wide range of white lights and warm lights for you to choose from. If possible, the lighting temperature and colour should vary based on the time of day. Dimly lit offices can cause eye strain when looking at a bright screen, which can have negative effects like headaches or fatigue. Adequate lighting is considered as the stepping stone to a productive day. Make sure your work space always has the right amount of light so you can work comfortably and accomplish tasks. Bringing in some light can definitely uplift the spirit of your work space. Also, it is important that the lighting enhances the colour scheme of your work space. If the lighting of your workspace isn’t in tone with the colour scheme of the workspace, it is not going to help with the productivity. Here at Platinum Lights, we help you pick out the perfect lighting that enhances your space and leaves a unique mark of your own.

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